A Background

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I used to live in Australia. A 9-month stint with my family spanning the years 1995-1996 (the time of PlayStation, Michael Jackson’s HIStory, and Disney’s Pocahontas). We lived in the most Northern of Perth’s suburbs, where I attended school and took up taekwon-do. A variety of reasons meant we had to come back to Scotland, where I’ve been ever since.I’ve always longed to go back, and a work trip to Abuja in 2011 gave me the travelling bug good and proper. At that point I was determined I would make my triumphant return, with a mind to establish if I could happily live there again.

I looked at the working holiday visa and started making rough plans on what I’d do, including seeing more of Europe before I go over. Well I’ve done that (Frankfurt and Heidelberg, Reykjavík (again), Kraków, Corfu, České Budějovice and Prague, Linz, Bucharest and Brașov), as well as going to New York City and then being sent to Riyadh for work.

Life threw some unexpected things at me during that time. Not bad things, just things that made me almost drop the whole idea. But life being the funny thing that it is, circumstances changed again, and I’d come to the realisation that it was a matter of now or never. With this in mind, I’ve adopted the mantra of “No Excuses”. I figure if I don’t do this now, I will likely never have the opportunity to do this again, and that would be a mighty shame.

I promised myself I’d get started on getting the working holiday visa sorted out when I got back from my Romanian holiday, so that’s the stage I’m at now. My UK passport expires early next year so it’s currently being renewed by an overburdened UK passport office. When I get it back, I can make the visa application and start sorting out flights, figuring out accommodation, other visas, etc.

In the meantime, I’m still figuring out my itinerary. Ultimately I intend to end up in Melbourne mid-late September. My good friends Dan and Nat are currently kickin’ it back old-skool there. Dan is local to Aberdeen, we met a few years ago through our mutual friend Jen. He beat me to the working holiday visa thing after he spent some time in Beijing as an au pair. Jen, Dan and myself met Nat in our hostel in Iceland, she’s from Melbourne originally but spent a lot of time travelling, including an extended stint in Ireland.

On the way to Melbourne I’d rather like to check out Moscow, Seoul/Busan, and would also like to give Perth a quick visit, taking the Indian Pacific from there to Sydney, before heading down to Melbourne. The route I eventually take will ultimately depend on how much money I have to play with and whether or not I’m really up for that much travelling.

So that’s the background, I’ll get writing about how I think my itinerary is going to pan out and how I’m going to fund this, as well as take note of all my concerns and things to sort out before I go soon enough.

And then the real adventure can begin!

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