A Break in the Void

Hey! I’m still alive. I’ve been hella busy here in ‘Straya, hardly got a minute to myself. UNTIL NOW. So here’s a quick update of what’s been happening, I’ll follow up with something more in-depth (particularly with Sydney) soon. Right-o!

  • I got me a place to stay! I’m renting a room in a house in Kingsville (I keep calling it Yarraville, that’s just the nearest train station).
  • I got me a job! A Datacentre Technician is me. I came here with the intention of NOT working with computers, but I suppose this doesn’t count as it doesn’t involve spending all day looking at the same monitor screen. Basically I cable shiz and I label shiz. It keeps me hella busy, it’s quite a commute so I’m up early and home late. But hey, it’s money in me pocket.
  • I had my birthday, the big three-oh. That’s out of the way. I’m now officially a sad old git. We had KURRY, it was darned good.
  • I didn’t actually go to see Maybeshewill because tickets were $60. Add to that the price of drinks, a taxi home… it was getting very expensive.
  • We went camping in Lerderderg State Park.
  • Dan’s off to work in Beechworth now, sad times! Who’s gonna show me all the good bars?!
  • And there’s been exploring and drinking and the like whenever I get the chance. Hey, this is still a working holiday 😉

Here’s a retrospective update, I forgot to mention that on the Saturday Ye-Seul and I went to the Busan National Gugak Center to catch a traditional music concert. It was a percussion day, and I’ll tell you something, it was spectacular. Those guys have bags of talent, what a great show it was. Here’s a clip of something very similar to what they were doing. Seriously, go and watch it.

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