A Brisbanite Is Me!

Since Nat took me up to Brisbane, I’d been thinking about it as a potential home. Well, a couple of months later and here I am, and things are going rather splendidly.

I was met at the airport by Ben, who I worked with in the datacentre job in Melbourne. Ben lives in Melbourne but has a property here in Brisbane of which he was kind enough to rent a room out for me. He’ll be up here with his partner Sarah for a while as they do up the bathroom and that. It’s a lovely place anyway, very modern interior, networked up gadgets and that (yas). The location is excellent as well, a couple of minutes from a bus stop that gets into Fortitude Valley in about ten minutes. The surrounding area is beautiful, very hilly with some incredible views – a stark contrast to Melbourne’s relatively flat (but certainly not mundane) nature.

And now the bad news

A little over 24 hours after landing I was told I’d landed a job. The bad news is that I need to start ironing clothes again. Yep, a respectable office worker is me! I’ve got myself a developer position in Fortitude Valley (refer to earlier statement about convenience of bus travel). I know what you’re thinkin’, I came out here to take a break from development and to try and pursue other passions. Well that didn’t work out for several reasons – maybe I’m giving up too easily, but there are a few points that make this a Pretty Big Deal™.

  • Something I’ve realised (and I had suspicions before) since coming here is that I’m just not built for manual work. I’m not a strong fella. Working in the datacentre was good hands-on experience, handling heavy equipment, but it’s just not something I could do lots of all the time. I know full well that farm work and the like would involve a lot more heavy lifting than the datacentre did, and likely in far less favourable conditions.
  • Another thing the work in the datacentre has taught me is that to be able to do the things I want to do, I need more money. A lot more money. My thirst for adventure isn’t cheap.
  • It’s not just money I need, but maybe more time. The way I see it is if I can get a good enough position, I might be able to take more time off without too much risk to my finances. Or better yet, I might be able to reduce the amount of time spent working to maybe 4 days a week. But I’ll take a commute reduction from 1.5 hours each way as a good start 🙂
  • I actually miss programming. There, I said it. I’ve done a bit here and there, just mucking about with JavaScript and that but I want to get properly back into it.

So there you has it, that’s where I’m at now. I am seriously in love with this place. I wanted warm and this place doesn’t disappoint. I’m going to finish off my employment documentation today, sort out other bits and bobs, and then I can relax a bit before jiving to these guys on Sunday night.

And I start the job on Tuesday. Now, where’s that clothes iron…?

One more thing…

I said in my last post that the camera in my phone was playing up. I got a replacement back, took the old one off, cleaned out all the dust, put on the new back and… still dust. It’s in the actual camera unit itself, not just in the case. I can’t open that thing! Worse still, the camera won’t even focus on distant objects any more. Disaster! I might have to buy a new camera.

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