The Story So Far

These are the chronicles of my around-the-world adventures. I packed in my career as a software developer in Scotland to pursue some new experiences and to discover some new cultures, with Australia being the end-point/base. This idea had been bubbling about in my head for many years; when I was younger I spent a brief time in Australia with the family, and I always wanted to go back, even if just to visit.
As I approached my thirtieth birthday, I realised that it was going to be now or never. I adopted the mantra of “No Excuses”, and got on with it.
That was easier said than done – I had more than my fair share of problems getting my passport renewed. Once that was sorted I could get on with putting my plans into motion.

Here’s the full list of planning stage posts, or you can just look at posts in the Planning category.

So my initial plan included a visit to Moscow/St. Petersburg in Russia, and then on to Seoul and Busan in Korea, before heading to Australia to live and work. The Russia trip wasn’t feasible because of the high visa cost (I was only planning a weekend visit), but I made it to Korea alright, and absolutely loved it. Here’s all the Korea posts, or you can check out the Korea category.

After a ten day holiday in Korea I landed in Melbourne, and I’ve been working and living here ever since. I’ve not been confined to Melbourne though, I’ve also been to Sydney and Brisbane, as well as smaller places like Beechworth and Boonah. Here’s some Australian related posts!

Then I moved to Brisbane! This list of one will grow as more adventures happen here.

I’ve also spent a bit of time outside the country! So far I’ve only been to New Zealand, but there will likely be more.

There’s a lot more to come! Holidays to ‘MER’KA later in the year for a start.

So how do I feel about the whole adventure anyway? Was I worried? Definitely. I don’t even know what for, everything has been so straight-forward. Money certainly isn’t a concern, if you can make a living where you are now, you can do it anywhere. Getting over is the only thing you need to do, and making sure you have a means to go back gives you all the peace of mind you need.

Will I move back to Scotland? The more time I spend here, the less inclined I am to go back. I can see myself living quite happily in any number of other places. The only things I really miss about Aberdeen are the people I know. I’ll just have to convince them to go on an adventure as well 🙂


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