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I’m in the middle of the Scottish countryside with my family at the moment, waiting for someone to come back so I can go and scale a munro or something. Ach, I don’t expect to get to the summit, but we’ll see how far I get! Just hope the rain stays off. I’ll tell you something though, what an incredible place this is. The house is fantastic, the scenery is nothing short of stunning, and I’m glad I got the chance to do this with my family before I head off on my big timey adventure timey. Got some more extended family coming tonight, so I expect there’ll be lots of booze, music, silly games and a lot of laughs. Very much looking forward to it!

I’ve also got part 2 of the Korea leg sorted, booked my hostel in Busan and the flights from Busan to Melbourne. This means I have a date of entry to Oz! 16th of September I make landfall, which, incidentally, a month from today. It might be sad that the thing I’m most excited about is the Chinese chicken and rice dish I’ve ordered for myself on the Busan to Kuala Lumpur flight.
There’s a 6 hour crossover in Kuala Lumpur as well so I’m gonna see if I can’t nip out for a quick explore. Gotsta see what I can while I’m there, eh? Any Kuala Lumpur advice would be appreciated, I’ve already looked into gaining entry and with Malaysia being a Commonwealth country I can just go straight in. How tremendously handy. Being a fleeting visit, I expect it will mostly be spent looking up at all the nice, shiny buildings, and tucking in to some fine Malaysian scran. This trip just gets better and better.

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