Good News At Last!

See that header picture? That’s outside right now. Miserable. Summer has well and truly ended, which makes my next piece of news all the more sweet. I just got a text message from the Passport Office letting me know that my passport is being printed and should arrive in the next few days. Finally! Progress is being made. But what was the hold up?

Well popped my old passport in the post on the 19th of June. I understood there were delays at the passport office so I knew I’d have to be a bit patient. On the 18th of July my patience was running out, so I called them up to check on the progress, see if anything needed done. The gentleman on the other end was very polite, assuring me that everything was fine and I could expect my passport to be shipped out in the next week or so. Two weeks later, still no progress, so I call up again to see what the deal is, and I’m told that a letter was sent to me on the 11th. This letter never made it to my mailbox. The problem was that I’d specified an alternative delivery address (my work) without giving a reason for it. I’m kicking myself for missing that bit in the form, but also mega frustrated that the letter telling me it wasn’t fine didn’t arrive, and further frustrated that the guy who assured me in the first instance was actually wrong, there was a problem.

Anyways, I sent them a letter explaining what the deal was, including a message from my boss explaining that yes, I do work there, and yes, I am authorised to accept mail there. Sent it off on Friday, and today I got the good news, so finally progress!

I’ve also mentioned to one of my seniors at work that I intend to leave and asked if there would be the possibility of revoking my notice, should my visa not come through. He made the point that I’d be offloading the risk to the company, and they’d have to figure out if they were going to find someone to replace me or not. The main problem here is that I’m the only developer in my discipline here, and there are a couple of projects due to be closed off in the weeks following my planned departure date. I don’t want to leave the company in a bad place, so I’ve not handed my notice in yet. I’ll be having further discussions with him later today to try and come to an amicable agreement.

I’m still aiming for the early September leaving date, but my notice will have to be handed in within the next few days for it to be practical. There is some risk involved here, if I don’t get the visa I could well be without a job. I still plan to go to Seoul, Busan and Melbourne regardless, but without a visa I’ll just have to come back sooner rather than later!

I’ve also been speaking to Ye-Seul about the Korean adventure, she reckons there will be mega demand for Korea-Busan train as it will be thanksgiving time, so she’s offered to look into getting me tickets well in advance. I’m getting well looked after already, I could get used to this.

I’ve also been in contact with the delightful Sarah who’s in Auckland at the moment, we’re scheming to catch up at some point and so far her idea of sea kayaking and sunset hill climbing is winning.

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