Hoers, Fash, Dragon

I met up with Ye-Seul again on Tuesday morning, we went to Nampo-Dong to have a look at shops and get some street food, oh yeah. Thems is tasty eats.

We had rice cakes and fishy, er… strips? Well, made from fish and flour, all mixed into a spicy sauce. We tucked in to some dumplings as well. It were reet good I tell thee. I love me some dumplings.

We made our way to Gamcheon, Busan’s Cultural Village. We got on a wee bus and it took us up some hella twisty, hilly roads to get there. The village itself is just a sort of old-fashioned town set in the hills, with people on low wages still living there. Loads of houses, but all really small, and narrow walkways connecting everything together. We were given a map on entry, and it laid out a sort of trail of special themed houses to visit, like a museum display in one, one with the theme of darkness (no lights, black walls…), one with the theme of peace, and one with the theme of hard-workers, with creepy robotic hands that tap the desk when you activate a sensor.

We headed back to Nampo-Dong to go up Nampo tower, but not before crossing the bridge to Yeongdo island.

After a long day of explorin’ and that, it was time to get some chicken and beer, but not before returning to one of the shops from earlier to get me some stylish new sneaks. Ye-Seul will have to tell me what the chicken was called because I forgot, but when she lived in the US, it’s the food she missed the most, and I don’t blame her, it was ruttin’ delicious. And so was the beer.

Eh, can I have a bag of crisps as well please?

Eh, can I have a bag of crisps as well please?

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