I’m going on an adventure.

Well, this is it. I’m sat in a pub in Heathrow, guzzling down a bottle of Staropramen. It was a late-ish night last night and a very early morning today, and I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about the whole situation. In about 12 hours I’ll be in Seoul. Am I excited? Aye. Nervous? Just a wee bit. Mostly I just feel like I’m getting on with it. When the heck did I grow up?!

I’ll take a step back and talk about the week so far. It’s been pretty rushed, I only finished work yesterday and it was a fine day of rounding things up. The boss took us all out for a fine meal at the local, and later on there was that dreaded leaving speech which I had to try and follow up. It’s been a good laugh anyway, it hasn’t sunk in that I’m now unemployed (or even the gravity of all this moving around and stuff). Like I say, I’m getting on with it, it’s all working out so far and I suppose there’s no point in worrying about any of it because there’s always a solution to any problem. Even my packing went to plan. I thought that limiting myself to my trusty backpack and a single small, cabin-friendly suitcase would be overly ambitious. Not even. Got more stuff than I meant to pack, and still room for plenty more without even unzipping the expanding bit. No problem! Maybe I should have kept my PS3 after all…


Anyway, the rest of last night was spent with my family, my lovely auntie Irene came over to say farewell. It was a fine night! I also finally got my car sold, I’m pretty gutted about that! I’ve loved that car for seven and a half years. Yes, it’s “only” a Corsa, but we’s gots HISTORY. Anyway, it’s money in my pocket, and that’s a lot more useful than having a car wasting away in my absence. I stayed at my folks’ for the night and they took me to the INCREDIBLE Aberdeen International Airport (it’s incredible).

So what next? In about 2 hours my flight to Seoul takes off, a journey just shy of 11 hours. My biggest worry now is jet lag, I’ll be landing in Seoul at 7:30am, or 11:30pm UK time. Having not even had four hours of sleep today so far, and having a history of being completely incapable of sleeping during flight, I must admit I’m not looking forward to trying to find my way around Seoul’s subway network in a zombie-like state. In fairness, I chose the hostel well, I only have to make one switch at Seoul station, and then get off two stops later. I think Seoul station is where I’ll be hopping on the crazy-fast train as well, so it’s all turned out pretty good. Y’know, the more I think about Korea, the more excited I get. I’m particularly excited about catching up with Ye-seul and being shown the sights and sounds (and bars) of Busan.

I also booked flights to Sydney – a four day adventure, starting two days after I make landfall in Melbourne. I’ll probably be pooped from all this transit, but I figured I can’t let crap like that get in the way of cool timey fun timey. Dan and I will be Scotching it up with our kilts at some manner of mediaeval fayre and some kinda oktoberfest gig. There was meant to be a ceilidh, but it was cancelled. Oh well, we’ll just have to bring the party ourselves. This trip will be over the time the results of the Scottish Referendum come in, so we’ll both be hoping for a good result.

Now the question on everyone’s lips is, what will I have for lunch…? Do you think chilli is a bad idea before a long flight…? 😀

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