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So far I haven’t gone into much detail with Melbourne, so I best get that sorted. When I arrived here, I only really knew Dan and Nat, but this fella’s social circle has expanded rapidly. Not only have I befriended many humans, but also furry things, such as these chaps and chappettes:

Their owners ain’t too bad either. Anyways, when I got into the city, Dan spent a lot of time walking me around (he does like a walk), showing me the sights, and more importantly, his favourite watering holes (he also likes a drink). So what has Melbourne been like so far? Well, it’s no secret that I left Aberdeen in search of warmer climes and more exciting (i.e. has more than zero culture) places. Melbourne doesn’t disappoint with its culture (although I’ve yet to get involved with the music scene here, I was maybe a bit harsh on Aberdeen just then with the zero-culture dig, it has a pretty rocking music scene), but surprisingly I’ve found most days to be pretty cold. As I write this, it’s 13° and raining. There was a brief thunderstorm earlier. I don’t mind a thunderstorm, but it does make going outside a good deal less desirable. That said, this one had nothing on the storm we had a few weeks ago (I’ll get to that in the next post). Anyways, there are hot days, and when they’re hot, they’re hot and it’s amazing. More of that, please!

CULTURE. This just happens, in a side street. Also, warm day turns to freezing day.

CULTURE. This just happens, in a side street. Also, warm day turns to freezing day.

But what’s the city like? Pretty awesome, I must say. Dan walked me from Moonee Ponds, where he stayed (and Nat still does), down to North Melbourne which is basically the top end of the centre, hence the name. Photos!

As well as walking, he was kind enough to get me familiar with Melbourne’s public transport system, which is also pretty rocking, with a single top-up card getting you on trains, trams, and buses. It’s worth pointing out that the tram network here is the largest in the world, which isn’t surprising when you get into the city itself. So we had some city centre wanders, and a lot of beers. See the previous comment about Dan and drink 🙂

Not long after I got into the city I was pretty much set up with accommodation and work. Raeng, a friend of Nat’s, was looking for someone to occupy a room that had become available in the house she rents out. Conveniently, the previous occupant was having a leaving party at the house, so a bunch of us went across and introductions were made, beer was drank, shapes were pulled and everyone had a good time. It was fine opportunity to meet the people who I’d be seeing a lot more of if I moved in, and I thought what the hey, it’s a good deal, and these are good folks. So here I am in sunny Kingsville! There’s not a whole lot going on around the house, but there’s plenty if you walk/cycle a bit (just as well I splashed out $129 for one of Aldi’s finest bikes). As for the job, I’m working as a datacentre technician out in Clayton, a good hour and a half commute from my house. Dan had this position before me, so I’ve got him to thank for it. The work’s decent, the people are great, but the hours are a bit unpredictable. Unpredictable but flexible I should say, I only get paid for what I work so it’s sort of up to me what hours I do, but then we get involved with shifts starting at midnight and that hella screws up one’s routine. I recently realised I’ve been going about this “working holiday” thing all wrong, by putting to much time into working and not enough into holidaying, so I’m cutting the days I work down to four instead of five. I’m getting the hang of living on a shoestring (y’all know how tight-fisted I am anyway), so it’s working out good. Anyway, to get the job I had to fill out a bunch of forms for the recruitment agents, so I got me some of the finest teriyaki chicken I’ve ever tasted before heading up to the office and taking this sly picture.

Back in Aberdeen, every Thursday we’d go to Moorings and then to Archie’s for KURRY KLUB. I’m not one to break tradition on account of distance, so I’ve made it my mission to establish KURRY KLUB down under. Look, here’s Dan and Nat tucking in to a delicious home-made (okay, the sauce came from a jar) KURRY.

They love it, they really do, they love it.

They love it, they really do, they love it.

So happy with their KURRY, they proceeded to rock out, Gangnam Style.

Op... op-op-op... come on guys, this is getting old.

Op… op-op-op… come on guys, this is getting old.

A bunch of us also went camping in Lerderderg. That was pretty cool, proper middle of the bush stuff that. We left the city kinda late, and it took as forever to find a good camping spot, so it had been dark for ages by the time we arrived. Still, tents were set up, fire was ignited, beer was drank, happy times!

We camped for two nights, and as fun as it was, there’s nothing like getting back home to a shower and a proper bed. The following week we celebrated my birthday, the big 3-0. It was done in the most predictable manner possible – we went for a KURRY. Dan got me this, the most pimpinest of all gifts ever.

Year of the HOERS

Year of the HOERS

I’m gonna finish up by talking a little bit about St. Kilda, one of my favourite places in Melbourne so far. It’s a bit touristy, but it’s a pretty awesome place to be in. On the waterfront it sort of feels like you’d expect Miami to feel. It’s home to the (in)famous Luna Park, and tons of good eateries and drinkeries. Like The Espy (Esplanade), which has a total Moorings vibe to it. The night we were in, there was an 80s cover band playing ALL THE CLASSICS. Definitely need to spend more time in there.

So yeah, that’s my time in Melbourne in a nutshell! It’s a pretty cracking place, I’ve met some pretty cracking people and I’m having a pretty cracking time! I love that there’s still so much to see and do here, I’m certainly gonna be kept busy enough, I just need to find the time to do it. I do need to get a job that doesn’t involve computers though. Need to get doing this working holiday thing right!

ADDENDUM: Quick note about how I feel about the whole working holiday thing so far. It’s been pretty damn effortless, any worries I had about doing this have been totally unfounded. To say that the world is my oyster would be entirely accurate, this has been so easy (admittedly with the help of friends), and most importantly, bags of fun. If any of you reading this are considering doing something like this but have reservations, I have to tell you to just get on with it – no excuses, that was my attitude when I started doing this, and it’s worked out to be the best thing I ever did. GO FOR IT.

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