New Zealand, New Digs

Just to be clear about the title there, I didn’t move to New Zealand, I went for a visit and moved into a new place when I got back to Brisbane. Anyways, as mentioned in the last post, I went over to visit the lovely Sarah as it was her birthday – haha, now everyone knows you’re old!

To Auckland!

Look at the size of that plane, man. Last time I flew out of Auckland was on an A380.

In fairness, I did get a window seat which means PLANE SIGHTS.

Anyways, I landed in Auckland Airport to find Sarah waiting for me, completely unable to kick me up the arse on account of her duff foot. Yeah, so first she thought it was broken, then the doctor suggested to her that it was just really badly sprained, then the physio said it was definitely broken, and then it was a torn ligament, and now it’s back to hell of sprained so we just don’t know what the chat is there. Anyway, enough o’ that. It was a late landing so we just headed straight back to Kelston Towers. And not before time, I’d been dying to meet the flatmate catmate. Look, there he is, doing his best doge impression.

To the North

We headed out in Jimmy the Automobile, and ventured North ways to check out some places SJ wanted to see. It was a scenic route alright (I think pretty much all of NZ is scenic routes). We initially set out to see Helensville, SJ wanted to find a shop that sells dresses she was really keen on. Sadly it was found to no longer exist. So we kept on driving! We took a few wrong turns and a few right turns (and the occasional left turn). At one point we found we were just going higher and higher, and we got to the top of a not unsizable hill.

We ended up in Wellsford, where we grabbed some lunch (fine nachos) and then headed back to Auckland town by the main road this time.

Sarah’s Birthday

We weren’t going to do much for Sarah’s birthday, what with the dodgy foot an’ all, but I ended up treating her to a stay in a fine apartment on Auckland’s North Shore. A fine place it was an’ all, we made good use of the bar at the top of the building with its pleasant array of drinks and remarkable view of the city. Chekkit!

Sarah’s highlight of the stay was of course the burger (and also the pimpin’ new jar-cup she got for consuming her stash of alcoholic beverages).



Howick Historical Village

Now, Sarah’s always had a thing for Howick ever since we happened upon it last time I was in Auckland. She’d since learned that it is also home to a historical village. Anyone who knows Sarah also knows that she was born in the wrong century. I don’t mind a little bit of history myself, so we went for a gander. It was a cool day out! As you go through the village, you see the progression from the tents the first settlers (in this case, a sort of defense corps called ‘fencibles’), through to grand mansions and everything in between, including schools and courts of justice.

And The Rest

There’s not a whole lot to be said about the rest of the trip. We went out into the city on the weekend with a bunch of Sarah’s pals for her birthday, that was a right good laugh. Being the carer of this holiday, I got my chefs hat on for the first time in a long time, and cooked with some enthusiams – something I haven’t felt while cooking in… well, friggin’ ages. Anyway, I cooked up a storm with my delicious Singapore style rice with chicken and pork. Meganom!

Return to Brisbane

Before I knew it, it was time to go home again. This is always a rubbish thing to do, but it was also exciting because I was moving in to a new flat, right in the centre of the city. I got my keys, emptied my suitcase, then went to my previous residence to pick up the rest of my stuff, took it home, settled in. And what a place this is – awesome apartment, cool flatmate, but I’ll admit the view of the adjacent office building isn’t the greatest. The pool is awesome as well though, it’s on something like the 4th floor, I was ploutering around in it last night as the sun was going down, looking up at the tall buildings (and giant bats), and I thought about how good I thought I had it in Aberdeen. Do you know what? Coming here was the best thing I ever did.


I’m getting visitors! Everyone at once! My folks are coming over at the end of March for about two weeks. Also at the end of March I’ll be pitching down to Melbourne for a weekend to catch up with Dan and Nat, but also Jen (from Aberdeen, living in Dubai) and Josh (from Austin, TX). Y’all know we (Jen, Dan and myself) met Nat in Iceland, we also met Josh there. It’s gonna be one helluva reunion, and I’m very much looking forward to it. And of course, it’s Sarah’s turn to visit me so she’ll be arriving shortly after I get back from Melbourne. THANKS FOR KEEPING ME BUSY GUYS BUT YOU COULD MAYBE SPREAD IT OUT NEXT TIME


Yesterday I was reading up on Story Bridge on Wikipedia (like some kinda nerd), which then led me to an article on the Brisbane River. All I’m saying is, this bit. ‘STRAYA.

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