Oh dance baby, oh dance baby

Wednesday I went for a wander about the area where the hostel is. It seems like everywhere is bustling with people looking around shops and getting some scran on the go.

After a fair wander I settled on a place to get some food. Obviously I can’t understand Korean at all, so all I had to go on was a few pictures in the menu. Rice with big prawns, aye, that’ll do. Only they weren’t that big in real life. Probably the smallest prawns I’ve seen since Asda Smart Price. Oh well, it was tasty anyway. I carried on wandering and looking in shops, looking up at the big buildings and that, and then headed back to the hostel to figure out a better plan.

I also took this opportunity to check out the 33rd floor of the tower I’m staying in, as Yoon told me you can go outside on that floor. Now I’m not the biggest fan of heights, but I do like a good view, so I just had to suck it up and take some nice photos.

At night, Ye-Seul introduced me to her friends from university. We ate, we drank, we sang, it was a seriously fun night. One of the fellas, Choi-Ho, looked a wee bit familiar. I showed him a video, fortunately he thought it was hilarious too (and he has since told me he has changed his hairstyle… shame!). We finished up with some Korean Karaoke – what a laugh that was, and a surprisingly not terrible selection of songs!

The highlight was the last song, though. Here’s what it sounds like when it’s sung properly.

The next day I was feeling mildly tender so set out on a mission to find some dumplings. I was nearly at the subway when I bump into none other than Robbert from before! I knew he was coming to Busan but to bump into him was a mega coincidence. He’d been looking around for an Apple dealerships (I know, I know…), and there just so happened to be one in my area. He wanted to go up the Busan Tower, which I was up for anyway since I’d done it at night and wanted to see the city during the day as well. It also meant we’d have to go to Nampo so we could get food there. Anyways, up the tower! Robbert works at Rotterdam Port, so he’s got a special interest in the port at Busan (one of the largest in the world). Heck, I like boats an’ all so I’m cool wid dat too.

In the evening we went back to Robbert’s ‘hood, Haeundae. I was planning to hit up this area anyway so that was convenient. It was dark by then so it was all lit up, affa bonny likes. I’ve pretty much fallen in love with this city, easily one of my favourite cities ever, if not THE favourite. Everywhere you go, there’s stuff to see and do. I would totally live here if it weren’t for two things; their crazy work culture (like, ALL day), and that you can’t flush bog roll down the pot.


Cor blimey. Anyway, as I write this I’m sat in Kuala Lumpur airport. I opted to stay in the airport despite the long transfer, mostly because I just want to chill but also because I can’t be bothered dealing with immigration/security/panicking about getting back and so on. I’ve done a lot of adventuring lately, Kuala Lumpur will just have to wait for another day 😀

And don’t worry, I found the pub. 😛

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