Planning Part 1 – Travel

I’ve spent a bit of time looking at the cost of travel, looking at the cheapest way to get the destinations I want to go (including direct to Melbourne) and it’s starting to look like I will need to make some compromises. My accumulated Avios points are helping me get further for less, and SkyScanner is amazing for finding the cheapest flights. Predictably, the cheapest options is to go straight to Melbourne, totally doable. For a mere £15 more I can stop off in Moscow and Seoul (with a train trip to Busan thrown in) as well. Sounds good so far, but then things start getting more expensive.

Flights from Busan to Perth are a wee bit cheaper than going to Melbourne, but my plan to take the Indian Pacific train across the country might be scuppered as it is anything but. At ~£276 I’m thinking I might have to leave that adventure for a day when I’ve got some more money in my pocket. Sorry Perth and Sydney, but it looks like you guys are out for the meantime. Furthermore, it looks as though I need a visa if I want to go exploring Moscow, even for just a couple of days. That ain’t cheap either, especially for the time I expect to be spending there.

Which leaves Korea as the only stop between Aberdeen and Melbourne. It’s a smidgen more than going to Moscow first, but it does mean I can fly directly from Heathrow to Seoul. Word from my Korean hostel pal from New York, Ye-Seul, is that I can expect to arrive in time for three days of thanksgiving celebrations. That sounds more than fine to me, couldn’t have timed this much better, eh?

So this makes the trip a lot more straight-forward, and I’m a bit sad that these compromises are likely to be made but it does mean more money in my pocket so less worries, more time to spend in Korea, and I won’t end up too fatigued by the time I’ve got to my destination. I can always do them another time. Anyway, there’s still time for me to change my mind, I’ve just got to be pragmatic about it what’s feasible given my relatively limited funds at the moment.

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