Planning Part 2 – Planning? Ah, stuff it.

What a day. My passport arrived. I submitted my visa application during lunchtime and within an hour it was granted. I handed in my notice. I booked a flight to Seoul. It’s all happening now.

To quote Dan, the working holiday visa application process was “a piece of piss”. The Immigration website says it’ll take up to 6 days to process, but hey, an hour?! Maybe it’s because I put my name down as Bruce McStrewth. I knew that would get me ALL THE FRIENDS.

So I had set the date of the 4th of September as my target leaving date, and that meant today would be the absolute latest I could hand in my notice and get away with it. Booking the flight was painless as well, using my Avios points meant the price wasn’t going to go up or down closer to the departure time. I’ve yet to book flights from Busan to Melbourne, but I’ll figure that out once I’ve spoken to Ye-Seul about what’s happening in Busan and that. I think from here on there’ll be less planning and more winging it. I am very much looking forward to seeing Dan and Nat’s faces again, though.

I also looked at what I’d planned for my budget against what I’ve got, and while my savings haven’t stacked up as much as I’d wanted them to, my credit card usage has been kept mega low so it kinda evens out. Now I just need to sell a heap o’ crap (and non-crap… car, bike, etc) so I’ve got more of a safety net.

But d’you know what? I’m far too excited to worry about that sort of thing right now! For the first time, I’m not just talking about it, it’s actually happening.

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