Sarah Meets Brisbane

Alright alright, I know it’s been a while. And here’s the thing, a lot has happened! So I’m gonna have two posts to catch-up, this one is when Sarah came to town, and finishes off the adventure involving my folks which started in the last post.

Sarah Arrives

Yep, Straya visit number two for Sarah, and a shiny new city this time (here’s the post of the other time she came to Straya, back in November).

Look, here we is at the airport, waiting for the train! So first thing to do was to give her a wee tour. I thought we’d go past the station I’d typically alight the train, and see a bit more of the city and take the City Cat (the city’s speedy catamaran river service, for the uninitiated) back to the flat. What better way to introduce a city than with a stunning skyline and a ride on a BO-WAT?

Not shown: BO-WAT

Not shown: BO-WAT

The next day we chilled in the wonderful Botanic gardens. We brought drinks and food and whiled away a good chunk of the day, it was ACE. Did I ever mention that I love this city?

Then we hit the town for some refreshments and a look around a couple o’ shops.

The following next day we hit up a pancake place we found while wandering about town for breakfast. On the outside, an unassuming small church tucked away in the edge of the CBD. On the inside, a SPECTACLE. All decked out with such as suits of armour and all sorts, felt proper vintage. Anyways, turns out they also do bangin’ pancakes, so we’ll be back there for sure.
It turned out to be a fine warm day, so what do people in Brisbane do on warm days? THAT’S RIGHT

Meeting the parents

Ho-ho, here’s the big ‘un! Y’know my parents were here, well through remarkable coincidence they happened to be in town long enough to meet Sarah. So we got dressed up and went to one of the river bars they seemed to enjoy frequenting. It was all good, everyone got along fine. wipes sweat from brow

Then we went for food! On my recommendation, we went on the hunt for a Korean barbecue. Well, we were not disappointed. Delicious food, and a heck of a lot of it. Not to mention, soju! Pyong! Then we finished up with a visit to South Bank.

The following day was my folks’ last day of the holiday, so I escorted them to the airport. It was reet good seeing them, and I hope it’s not too long before I get to see them again!

Exploring the Sunshine Coast

Well, SJ loves a drive and we were both keen to explore the area around Brisbane so we hired a car and on my mum and dad’s recommendation, headed north to Noosa. It’s cool to get out the city, I’ve spent the vast majority of my time here either in the city or the valley (and the airport, of course). Now I’ve been eyeing up the Mitsubishi Lancers over here as a potential car for myself, so I was keen to give one a go. The rental place didn’t have any, but we did get a Mitsubishi ASX – sort of a mum’s car, but hey, it’s a delight to drive.

My beautiful assistant just before she set off the alarm.

My beautiful assistant just before she set off the alarm.

Anyways, the weather was not in our favour on this occasion. It was raining pretty heavy! We made our way out of the city and headed North ways regardless. Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop us!
We took some detours, saw some cool sights despite the inclement conditions, including a drive up Steve Irwin way, past Australia Zoo. We eventually made it to our motel in Noosaville.

So the next day we did a lot of driving around, now that we had nice weather for it. Mum and dad described this area as having a sort of Mediterranean vibe to it. Well I’ve not been to the Mediterranean so I can only imagine.

And that’s about it. We got home, and Sarah had time for one last margerita before she had to return to Middle-Earth New Zealand.

Come back soon SJ, there's still tons of stuff you've yet to see!

Come back soon SJ, there’s still tons of stuff you’ve yet to see!

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