Seoul Searching

Now that I’ve got my flights booked for Seoul, and Ye-Seul has kindly procured train tickets for trip to Busan, I’ve started looking in to what I want to do in the city, and where the best place to stay would be. I’ve also been speaking to Mr. Markles about his visit to Seoul, getting some good advice from him (e.g. don’t take the subway from the airport, take the bus to see the sights). He was also kind enough to provide me with header image fodder. Yeah, guess what my prime Seoul directive is now.

The Seoul visit’s gonna be pretty brief, I land on the 5th and leave quite early on the 8th, so I’m keen to be stationed near the centre, and don’t plan on exploring outside the city until I get on that train to Busan. I’m not a fan of planning these things to any detail, but what I would like to do is:

I’ve found a fine looking hostel near to Namsan Park (and the tower), the reviews are weighed down by noise issues but this cat has earplugs, yo! The location is superb, not far from a subway station, and the rooms look hella smart. I’ve not settled on that one yet, I’m still looking but so far it’s winning. All the hostels I’ve looked at have been mega cheap. I’m starting to get really excited about this part of the trip.

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