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Well, it’s been a while, but it’s not like there’s been a shortage of things happening! Here’s we’s goes.


So I’ve mostly been chavvin’ awa’ at work and rattling through the best game in the universe in my spare time. I did go out exploring one weekend, stumbled upon a nice wee place called Manly. Now, when you stumble upon a place with a name such as Manly, you know you’re in for much hilarity.

One thing I had been looking forward to was a show from those remarkable musician mans from Sheffield, 65daysofstatic. Verily I did venture to the HiFi in the West End, all such as excited to see them perform down-under, as I know that up Aberdeen ways they’ve performed some of the best shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. When I say ‘best’, I mean I’d put them up in like the top 3 best live bands I’ve ever seen. WELL. That night at the HiFi was a disappointment.
The first band came on, all dressed up like sandpeople and geishas or some crap, with some folk painting in the background. Don’t get me wrong, musically they were very, very talented, but the music itself left a lot to be desired. Still, it explained the unsettlingly high number of teen girls in the audience.
The second band was more up my street, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving. Proper heavy instrumental metal, or instrumetal for short. So they played about three hell of long (but good) songs, packed their shiz ready for those 65daysoflads to come on. And then the fire alarm went off.



Yep, we were promptly evacuated, stood outside like turkeys for a good while as the firemans turned up to find a flooded stage and no fire. Hoo-boy, them 65daysoffellas were lucky they didn’t get their kit ruined, but they couldn’t carry on with the show. Crap!
Anyways, I had a word with the dapper Joe, and after startling him by suggesting that I came all the way from Aberdeen just to see them, he told us they’d be playing again the next day if they could find a venue to accommodate them. And a venue they did find, name of Woolly Mammoth, definitely one for Dan to check out when he inevitably makes his way up North ways. So yeah, I went, taking Jarred courtesy of the free +1 we were all given for the previous night’s fluff up. They put on a mighty show, I was not disappointed. Those guys, they know how to make music.
This band is unstoppable!

This band is unstoppable!

Oh look, it’s me folks

Yep, my folks made their way hither from the frozen reaches of North Scotland, after a quick couple of days in Singapore, which they thoroughly enjoyed. I caught them at the airport, where upon their landing it promptly started to rain, and the temperature plummeted. We got a taxi back to their hotel (almost equal distance from my house and my work), and went for a walk and some beers. The weather eventually cleared up and we had a good walk around. A right fine catch-up, really good to see them and to be able to show them around this wonderful place I call home.

Cold and wet. Brisbane ain't what they bargained for.

Cold and wet. Brisbane ain’t what they bargained for.

So they rented out a campervan and have been gallivanting up the coast towards Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg. They’ll be back soon anyway, no doubt hankering for some more of my fine KURRY.

Down down to Melbourne Town

My good friend Jennifer “Jim Boom/Jefner Boomstick” Broom, who recently moved from Aberdeen to Dubai, finally decided that Oz was worthy of her presence. I went to Iceland with Jen and Dan, I didn’t really know Dan that well before we went so it was a heckuva bonding experience. It’s also where we met Nat, and likely the only reason Dan and I ended up going to Melbourne. We also met Josh from Texas (HOWDY, PARDNER! etc) in Iceland, who decided he’d also come over to get involved with the fun and good times! Well, it was gonna be a helluva reunion. So I flew down on the Saturday just past, got in for lunchtime and met up with Dan and Josh in the centre of town, where we promptly went on the hunt for food, and found a nice wee dumpling place. After some wandering about, we ended up hitting the bars – we found a new one called Bartronica. Basically, BEST BAR EVER. Arcade machines of Street Fighter II, Hard Drivin’ (!!), and a couple of N64s hosting Mario Kart and Goldeneye. COULD THIS PLACE BE ANY BETTER?! Oh yeah, they had beer too. Then Sam and Basha came along, had a few drinks with them and then split for reasons I don’t get because no other bar has Goldeneye.
So Nat turned up and we had to go and catch Jen at the airports. Ah, reunions. They’re the best, aren’t they? Hugs all round. Then we went out for s’more drinks and karaoke. Yeah, proper karaoke booth style. Some classics were sang, from Bowie to Incubus to Finch to Linkin Park to Meshuggah. We went back to my old house (where Dan is now staying) and promptly crashed. Apart from Josh who was all cooped up in some lousy hotel or some such.
The next day, Jen spent most of the day being hungover and jetlagged, so me and Dan went for a wander and stumbled across the Two Birds brewery, a mere stone’s throw from where that house what I used to live in. Remarkable! Decent beer as well, I was wearing my Every Time I Die wolf t-shirt which got kudos from the barmaid, and I felt compelled to have the Wolf of the West beer to run with the theme. It was a strong un, but a good un. Dan had one called Rice Rice Baby, inspired by the cultural cuisine of Footscray – not a word of a lie, it tasted like it could have been made from a takeaway. So we got back, woke Jen up, and headed into town – we had a show to catch!
The first guys to come on were literally making fart noises out of iPhones. Telling terrible jokes and screaming at each other. It was weird, some of it was funny, but mostly it was terrible. The next guy was pretty awesome though, Disasteradio. Never seen a guy with so much energy on stage. Fun music too. Here, go and have a look.

And finally, the main event. The man, the legend, the one David Liebe Hart.

Look at him there with his creepy-ass puppet.

Look at him there with his creepy-ass puppet.

He sang some weird and wonderful songs, with a subject matter ranging from trains to Jesus to aliens. He also did a bit of aerobics. All in all, a bit weird, but very, very funny. We met him! He drew us!

Look, this is basically my second favourite video on the internet so you should have a look, ya dingus.

The next morning we all gathered for breakfast, and them lot promptly abandoned me in favour of exploring The Great Ocean Road. Ah, I don’t blame ’em, I’m just bitter because the weekend was over far too quick and I had to find a means to occupy myself for a few hours before my flight back home. A bit o’ Final Fantasy VII on the ol’ PS Vita sorted that out!
Gonna miss these spazzes.

Gonna miss these spazzes.

Back home!

So I gets back to Brisbane, right? On the train home, yeah? Drops my phone. From my knees. “Ah, look what I did” I think to myself, picking it up to turn it on again. Nope. Long press? Nope. Home. Plug into the computer. Debug mode. Nothing. It’s dead as a doornail! Crap. So I had to pick up a new phone (which needs a new SIM as well, now that everything’s getting smaller and smaller, still waiting for that to arrive). On the plus side, it means I don’t have to try and repair the camera any more, because now I have a perfectly working one! But serially, this Xperia Z3 Compact is the business, it’s everything good about the Z1 compact with all the niggles ironed out. It’s solid as. So here’s some potatoes I took in the Botanic Gardens earlier to test it out (and also because it’s a ruttin’ lovely walk and I like being there).

In other news, Sarah arrives on Saturday and I can’t wait! Her foot’s still giving her grief so unfortunately walking will be kept to a minimum again. Still, we’ll find ways to keep ourselves busy, there’s a car rental place right next door to the flat, hmm…

And another thing

My favourite video on the internet. Seriously, watch this before it gets removed from said internet by the BEE-BEE-CEE

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