Still Waitin’…

Well the lovely folks at the UK Passport Office have been in possession of my application form for over a month now and their website still claims it is being processed. I did phone up last week to find out if there’s anything I needed to do, and the gentleman on the other end was very helpful, assuring me that everything was in order and I should be getting my passport back soon. He was Northern Irish so he was, and he even said ‘so it is’, which almost made me chuckle so it did.

Anyways, as time goes on it’s looking more likely I’ll not bother going to Russia on this occasion. Furthermore, the day I had originall planned to leave is no longer available for flying with my Avios – not a problem, I’m flexible, I just go the day after instead. That will still get me into Korea in time for their thanksgiving and that. I’ve also been looking at flights to Melbourne again, looks like there are two days in the week where flights from Busan are like half the price of any other day. Top banana, let’s do that then. It also looks like I’ll be doing a bit of overtime this week, so a bit more money in my pocket.

A special shout out to Dan now, he’s been away for a full year now. I’d miss his face if it weren’t for our occasional Skype japes (also featuring Jen and Nat). We ought to do another soon, if Jen can stay in the country long enough.

Anyways, this has been a bit of a crap post, not much to be said at the moment! Hopefully the next one will cover some more positive developments. Eh, the refreshed Abe’s Oddyssee is out today so stuff it, I’ll use Rupture Farms as my header today. Beats a stock image of some passports any day of the week.

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