I’ve known Sarah for almost ten years. We never really hung out together unless we happened to meet up on nights out through mutual friends. We’d always been in contact though, and we’d get chatting if we saw each other in a bar (yeah, Moorings). In March, she left Aberdeen for the sunny shores of Auckland, and we’ve pretty much been in regular contact ever since. Anyway, since Auckland and Melbourne aren’t that far apart from each other, she decided to come and visit me. Oh dear. Now I’m the host in a city I hardly know. Continue reading

See that header picture? That’s outside right now. Miserable. Summer has well and truly ended, which makes my next piece of news all the more sweet. I just got a text message from the Passport Office letting me know that my passport is being printed and should arrive in the next few days. Finally! Progress is being made. But what was the hold up?

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