See that header picture? That’s outside right now. Miserable. Summer has well and truly ended, which makes my next piece of news all the more sweet. I just got a text message from the Passport Office letting me know that my passport is being printed and should arrive in the next few days. Finally! Progress is being made. But what was the hold up?

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Well the lovely folks at the UK Passport Office have been in possession of my application form for over a month now and their website still claims it is being processed. I did phone up last week to find out if there’s anything I needed to do, and the gentleman on the other end was very helpful, assuring me that everything was in order and I should be getting my passport back soon. He was Northern Irish so he was, and he even said ‘so it is’, which almost made me chuckle so it did.Continue reading

While I’m in Passport Limbo™ (thanks, UK government), I thought I’d refamiliarise myself with this outstanding video. Kinda makes me want to live in Korea. Thanks Ye-seul, I know what you’re up to!

Also, look at that feckin’ train, holy crap! Supposedly the engine takes just over 6 minutes to reach 300km/h, takes 6.4km to stop, and has 18,200bhp. Kinda puts my little 90bhp Corsa into perspective.

I... I couldn't find an appropriate picture. This'll do.

I went for a dentist checkup yesterday. My mum is a dental nurse so it’s dead easy to get an appointment and that. It seemed that the entire building was aware of my scheme to go to Australia, everyone asking me when I’m going and all that. It kinda made me realise, I’m really sick of talking about it like I don’t know if I’m going or not.

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