Who Likes to Rock the Party?

Well it’s been a while since I felt the need to post anything here as it felt like there was not much happening that was worth talking about. The truth is, plenty has been happening. Break it down!

  • Poor little geckoface Bret was put down last Monday. He’d gotten really ill with some manner of incurable bacterial infection and was just not getting any better. He’ll be rocking the party up in gecko heaven now.
  • Had some pals over for an amazing sushi platter on Wednesday, featuring jokes, japes, and all the YouTube videos.
  • Had my leaving do with my pals on Friday, featuring a mediocre and expensive KURRY followed up by quiet drinks and then dancing like idiots in Club Tropicana. Thems was good times. Thanks to everyone that came out and made it DEAD SPECIAL.
  • Having avoided a hangover the next day, I continued The Great Flat Clearout™ and hung out with more pals, depositing £76 worth of small change into my bank, exploring the international market here in Aberdeen, and playing some last games of Street Fighter (I lost).
  • More hanging out on the Sunday, more markets, more japes, more packin’, then out to visit my folks with my uncle Steven and my sister Alison, my grandparents were there as well so it was happy times fun times.
  • Finally got my hair cut.
  • Still haven’t sold my motorbike.
  • Still haven’t sold my car.
  • Received my Moleskine Voyageur notebook which I’ll be using to keep myself right in my travels, to keep note of cool things and also to let people doodle in and whatnot. I had one in New York and it was a pretty cool keepsake from an incredible trip.
  • Ye-seul has procured my Seoul to Busan train tickets, yas min.
  • Dan’s just about convinced me that I ought to join him in Sydney two days after I arrive in Melbourne, where we’ll celebrate/commiserate the outcome of the Scottish Referendum.
  • Two days of work left. 🙂
  • Bárðarbunga is still going a bit mental. 🙁
  • I’m feeling the onset of a cold and I’m seriously hoping this First Defence spray can nip it in the bud before I get on that plane. 👿
  • I settled on a mascot! Meet Terri. 😀


So yeah, come Thursday I’ll be in transit, and the adventure well and truly begins!

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